Cytomegalovirus (aka CMV): What You Need To Know during pregnancy.

What is Cytomegalovirus?
Cytomegalovirus, also called CMV, is a typical infection that is connected with both the chickenpox and herpes simplex infections. An individual’s CMV can reactivate and be spread to sound individuals through the transfer of body fluids such as saliva, vaginal liquids, semen, blood, milk etc.

Hence, sexual contact, having a vaginal birth, and nursing can all spread CMV. This makes infants very vulnerable. Less generally, organ transfers and blood bondings can likewise prompt the spread of this infection.

On the off chance that a baby contracts CMV in the womb or during delivery, it is alluded to as an congenital CMV disease. While certain children remain fit as a fiddle, others can have medical issue upon entering the world or they can foster them further down the road.

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